Italian Motorway Tolls

Harbour Shipping is able to provide your company with a selection of methods for use of the Italian network, the Autostrade, on a credit basis. You can choose between a Telepass or a Pronto SAT which allows your vehicles to move through the motorway network toll booths without having to stop.

The Telepass is a unit, issued in Italy, which is usable throughout the Italian motorway network but is solely for use on the Italian Autostrade network.

The Pronto SAT unit also allows you to use the whole Italian network in the same way but also allows your vehicles to utilise the motorway networks in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

To make your administration of this service simpler, attached to your monthly invoice will be a detailed report, detailing the time your vehicle has joined and left the motorway, the distance that your vehicle has travelled and the cost of each individual transaction.

In addition, by using our Italian toll facilities you will be allowed up to sixty days' credit which we are confident will allow you take make savings from both a time and cost aspect.

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