Fun Quiz Night at The Cricketers

The Right Skills for Quizzing?

Problem-solving is one of the key skills for all of us at Harbour Shipping, particularly working together to resolve problems. This is true across all the Harbour Shipping teams (Customs Clearance Road Freight and Deep Sea; Ferry Booking and Administration).

Having a good memory also helps speed up our work, as knowledge of multiple technical issues and processes is a prerequisite in nearly every job role, at all levels of the business from bottom to top.

If you add into the mix a wide range of interests and many colleagues’ deep knowledge of the subjects that interest them, it isn’t a total surprise that so many colleagues make excellent quiz-team members!  

Six Eager Quiz Teams

Last Friday evening Harbour Shipping directors Steve Cummings and Steve Applebee organised and ran a quiz upstairs at The Cricketers pub in Dover. They devised the quiz, prepared the papers and venue, and conducted proceedings with vigour(!) throughout the evening to the final scoring and prize-giving.

John Griffiths arranged the excellent curries, rice and chips.

On the night competition was fierce with over 30 colleagues in six teams all wanting the bragging rights of coming first in the quiz. First we had to manoeuvre through nine rounds of ten questions covering subjects as diverse as TV, sport, music, history, geography. Final victory with a stunning 79 out of 90 points scored went to The Rebel Alliance team that comprised Mike Johnson, Nicky Fieldwick, Lisa Bale, Nikki Read and Ryan Brown. In second place came the No I in Quiz team consisting of Gary Goldfinch, Nathan Lewis, Meike Jones, Steve Waters and Andrew Newton.

A good time was had by all. Harbour Shipping director Steve Applebee summed the evening up by saying,

“It was fantastic to see so many colleagues from right across the business in Dover have a great evening out. I look forward to the next time… after a necessary recovery period!”