WCO International Customs Day

26th January every year is the World Customs Organisation's International Customs Day. This year the WCO celebrates its own anniversary, marking 71 years since it was established to assist national customs jurisdictions around the world through fostering international cooperation and sharing best practices.  

Harbour Shipping's International Outlook

You would expect us at Harbour Shipping to have an international outlook. After all we work with shippers, hauliers, importer and exporters every day. We have knowledge of different countries' customs operations, and our Deep Sea Team assist our clients all over the world with imports and exports. So we celebrate and support the WCO's work to improve national customs systems. 

International Customs Day Themes

Every year the WCO on International Customs Day launches its theme for the year ahead. In 2024 their theme is ways and practices whereby customs authorities, practitioners and jurisdictions can engage traditional partners and new partners with purpose.

In previous years the themes have been:

2023: Nurturing the next generation

The WCO is dedicating 2023 to Nurturing the next generation: promoting a culture of knowledge-sharing and professional pride in Customs.

2022: Scaling up Customs Digital Transformation

The WCO is dedicating 2022 to scaling up Customs Digital Transformation by Embracing a Data Culture and Building a Data Ecosystem.

2021: Customs bolstering Recovery, Renewal and Resilience

The WCO is dedicating 2021 to the united efforts of Customs to emerge from the coronavirus crisis and support people and businesses by strengthening the global supply chain, reinforcing collaboration, harnessing technology and putting “people” at the centre of the transformation process.

2020: Customs fostering Sustainability

The WCO is dedicating 2020 to the contribution of Customs towards a sustainable future where social, economic, health and environmental needs are at the heart of our actions.

2019: SMART borders

The WCO is dedicating 2019 to the swift and smooth cross-border movement of goods, people and means of transport, with the slogan “SMART borders for seamless Trade, Travel and Transport.”

International Customs Day 2018

The WCO is dedicating 2018 to the security of the business environment, with the slogan “A secure business environment for economic development.”

International Customs Day 2017

The WCO is dedicating 2017 to promoting data analysis under the slogan “Data Analysis for Effective Border Management.”

International Customs Day 2016

The WCO is dedicating 2016 to promoting the digitalization of Customs process under the slogan “Digital Customs: Progressive Engagement.”

International Customs Day 2015

The WCO is dedicating 2015 to promoting Coordinated Border Management under the slogan “Coordinated Border Management: an inclusive approach for connecting stakeholders.”

International Customs Day 2014

The WCO is dedicating 2014 to promoting communication under the slogan “Communication: sharing information for better cooperation.”

International Customs Day 2013

The WCO has dedicated 2013 to the promotion of innovation with the slogan “Innovation for Customs progress”.

International Customs Day 2012

The WCO has dedicated 2012 to the promotion of “Connectivity” which encapsulates people connectivity, institutional connectivity and information connectivity among the members of the global Customs community.

International Customs Day 2011

The WCO has dedicated 2011 to the promotion and pursuit of knowledge activities.

International Customs Day 2010

The WCO has dedicated 2010 to the Customs-Business Partnership.

International Customs Day 2009

The WCO has dedicated 2009 to environmental issues.


For more information see the WCO website here: