Sports Day!

Did you know we’re quite sporty at Harbour Shipping? We love a challenge! So we were in our element last Saturday afternoon at the Anniversary Sports Day.

Saturday culminated in the formal dinner but the afternoon was devoted to more relaxing pastimes in the mid-Summer sunshine and heat. A couple of hundred people gathered from every company in the Star Cargo group, namely Harbour Shipping, Husk, Sealane, Freightlane, Viking Shipping, Fastnet and Controlo, to enjoy a couple of fun hours participating in various team-building and sporting activities.

The experts from Fruitful Team Events worked in conjunction with The Grove Hotel and Star Cargo to run 15 great activities.

  1. Climbing Wall
  2. Blindfold Driving
  3. Power Turns
  4. Duck / Sheep herding
  5. Inflatable Volleyball
  6. Human Table Football
  7. Surf simulator
  8. Archery
  9. Cross-bows
  10. Clay shooting
  11. Welly wanging
  12. Falconry
  13. Race buggies
  14. Argos
  15. Side Stalls

We’re delighted to say the Harbour Shipping team consisting of Steve, Ben, Charlie, Sam and Thomas won the inflatable volleyball knockout championship, beating the Sealane team in the final.

We thank the humans but, of course, we shouldn’t forget the animals involved too: the hawks, owls and falcons, the sheep, and the amazing sheep dogs! All were obviously well-loved and well-treated and looked very relaxed!

We were lucky with the hot dry weather and grateful for the refreshments of iced cold soft drinks and sandwiches. Big thanks are due to Deborah Wild at Star Cargo for organising the afternoon’s activities, and indeed the whole day. Hearty thanks too to all the great experts operating the activities through Fruitful Team Events at The Grove Hotel (link below).


Organised by Fruitful Team Events in conjunction with The Grove Hotel: